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Saturday, July 29, 2006

As good as it gets

Just thought of posting this not so great conversation between Moiz and Snehal

Warning : read at ur own risk

Day 1

Snehal : yo moiz
Moiz : yo here or yo spz?
Snehal : yo spz man
Moiz : yo had yo brk fst
Snehal : there is no place to go here man. no twaddi babbis here
Moiz : i was talking about the food we eat, not food for thought
Snehal : no good food here too
Moiz : bad, so u got a PC hmmm
Snehal : ys but set up is not over yet. M logged into my mbp pc
Moiz : o ok
Moiz : by d way, jus got the news that we will be shifting to Airoli in mid Aug
Snehal : see i told u .Mujhe raag de raha tha na nahin jayenge karke
Moiz : also, MBP 4 will be the first bldg to evacuate, and we will be the first proj. :)
Snehal : ha ha ha ha
Moiz : i donno how r they gonna manage
Snehal : yahan jaise manage kiya .waise hi wahan karenge. BTW twaddi ko dekha kya aaj?
Moiz : no, did'nt went 4 brk fst, will catch her at lunch
Snehal : catch her. Saale aukaad mein reh .smjha kya
Moiz : :D:D:D jali jali tapi tapi
Snehal : abbe .woh abhi sochti rahegi ki where's that one guy who used to shy away from ogling at me. Uss mein kuch to baat thi
Moiz : don't talk about ur ogle factor i know who u r :/
Snehal : ha ha ha .jali abhi
Moiz : abhi ki kyon jalegi? usne to twadi pabi ko dekha bhi nahi
Snehal : phir teri kyu jal rahi hai if twaddi babbi thinks like this abt me
Moiz : sneh can read thoughts :DDDD, its enuf that u can just read
Snehal : chotte tis just that i m a lovable kind of guy.
Moiz : yeah, u r so lovable that they had a Bra launched in your name :D
Snehal : well they always wanted me to be close to the heart of a woman
Moiz : kaminey, i know wat u want to be close to ;)
Snehal : just the heart dost ;)
Moiz : yeah, tell khare abt it
Snehal : i think evrybody in the world knows abt it except u
Moiz : talk to the hand
Snehal : ha ha ha ha . U can never accept facts can u
Moiz : wake up snehal, the things u've considered facts since birth are actually illusions, we all know wat ur fate will be finally, bloody arranged marraige
Snehal : abbe arranged nikaah chup reh samjha na.
Moiz : arranged marraige......... and that too wid monali :DDDDD
Snehal : nice joke chotte .twill b wil pallavi or parineeta
Moiz : wid monali...... and that too we will arrange it :DDDD
Snehal : no re wid pari or pallo.also it will love first then arranged
Moiz : forget marraige, jus try and call them wid this name in front of them and they will hang u, till death
Snehal : chotte then they will die too. Coz we have pledged to be together dead or alive
Moiz : this is the worst joke i have heard frm u, it does'nt even make me frown
Snehal : i told u .u not man ehuf to accept the truth
Moiz : alice, u truly live in a wonderland :D
Snehal : chotte after i marry either 1 of them i will b in wonderland
Moiz : i pity u, u don't know u still are, ur marraige can only happen in wonderland
Snehal : chotte just wait n watch
Moiz : yeah yeah, the world will see wid me
Moiz : so, when r u proposing?
Snehal : u'll know very soon chotte
Moiz : i cant stop smiling :))))........
Snehal : chotte u'll stop smiling wen u'll see me smiling
Moiz : i can only imagine ur ass kicked :D
Snehal : u imagined wrong
Moiz : lets wait n watch
Snehal : chotte ek baad yaad rakhna. Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge and i m a dilwala
Moiz : who said u r dilwala, u r sickwala
Snehal : again ur mistaken. M a dilwala aur dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge
Moiz : if in patni, soon gonna become a rickwala
Snehal : chotte dilwaale tha,hai aur rahoonga
Moiz : not to forget chamdiwala
Snehal : y u saying all ur names
Moiz : sacchai kadwi hoti hai dost, accept it
Snehal : thats wot i m tellin u to do
Moiz : i have, but u r still in ur dream world
Snehal : see u still not accepting d truth
Moiz : instead of fighting on whos not accepting the truth, lets have a third party decide wats the truth
Snehal : the problem is that the third party u will suggest cannot accept the truth too
Moiz : :-DDDD ok, who d u sujjest then?
Snehal : me .myself. My alter ego will decide
Moiz : this is alter ego itself, how many alter ego's do u have. how abt Vinod's or HP's alter ego huh
Snehal : 2 more. snehal the great and Snehal the greatest .This is great speakin
Moiz : snehal was enuf
Snehal : so finally haaar mann raha hai tu
Moiz : no ways
Snehal : but u said na enuf
Moiz : i said snehal was enuf and we don't need non existing characters such as snehal the great and Snehal the greatest
Snehal : chots u'll hav to live with them
Moiz : puhleez, u live wid them
Snehal : i m living wid them
Moiz : i told vinod and ani abt ur imaginations, they r in complete agreement wid me
Snehal : they r baised
Moiz : i had called up HP, he thinks u've lost it
Snehal : lost wot?
Moiz : brains, but i told him u don't have one
Snehal : chotte if i lose a bit of something that i have in abundance then its not a problem
Moiz : if u have abundant brain then i m prince of wales
Snehal : okie if u say so. But whch one blue,sperm or humming or killer
Moiz : i wrote wales not whales, u lost ur eyes too i guess
Snehal : chots but they sound the same na
Moiz : no their is a prominent 'h' pronounced in whales

And it went on and on till 2 days describing about the mouth structure and tounge movements and pronounciation of different words u can't even think of.Snehal can add if he has rest of the chat logs

Day 2

Snehal : no try saying wales and then say w-hales. No difference in the mouth struture when ur saying bth coz the h is silent
Moiz : nope the h is not silent in whales, mouth structure can be same because its same for many words
Snehal : who said.say orange.Mouth structure is different than mouth structure when u say whales
Moiz : but its same for ways
Snehal : no there is no mention of l in ways but is there in whales and wales
Moiz : but the mouth structure is same
Snehal : no the mouth structure when u say l changes if l is not silent
Moiz : no it does'nt
Snehal : yes it does try it
Moiz : no it does'nt, tried
Snehal : see when u say wales or whales ur tongue will touch the roof of ur mouth or teeth when u try and pronounce the l which is not silent. When u say ways the tongue touches the roof of the mouh or teeth when u start pronouncing the s.try it
Moiz : exactly, the toungue changes but the mouth structure remains the same, when u lip read u cant distinguish between wales and ways
Snehal : i cn by seeing the time when the toungue startsb to moveq
Moiz : u can't c the tongue when u lip read
Snehal : i can
Moiz : no u can't, ur eye sight is not good, proved earlier, u cant c wales and whales written differntly
Snehal : who said i ahd said that they r same by spelling. I said that they are same bcoz of prnounciation
Moiz : but i never prounced it, because we are text chatting, so u shud atleast have that much brains to distinguish and act accordingly
Snehal : when i read what ur typing i pronounce it so i guess ur wrong
Moiz : who cares if u pronounce it or not, it was i who wrote it
Snehal : so wot? It was i who read it
Moiz : if u had read it, and u can see that it was written "wales" not "whales" then u should'nt have asked me wat type of whale it is
Snehal : my wish i can ask u nehting
Moiz : bhadak mat ja, LTA abhi bhi nahi milta wahan par
Snehal : bhadak gaya nahin hu main. Agar bhadak jaaat tha toh tere saat chat kaise karta
Moiz : u forgot tera PC shared hai
Snehal : bhadak patni domain mein nahin aata toh pc shared rehke faayda nahin hai
Moiz : bhadak patni domain mein he hai, abhi abhi naya office khola hai wahan par
Snehal : ok i dont know i havent been there. I guess u have
Moiz : again bhadak gaya tu, itni baar ja raha hai aur bol raha hai i havent been there
Snehal : see ur goin there not me
Moiz : i know u have a season ticket to bhadak, iska matlab ye nahi ki tu office bunk karega
Snehal : i m in office so i cannot be bunking and be at office at the same time coz it is imposssible for one peron to be at two different places at the same time so as i m in office ,i m not bunking which means that assumption that i have a season pass to bhadak and that i m bunking office is wrong.
Moiz : earlier proved that patni also has a office at bhadak
Snehal : u never proved it u just made a statement and if u have forgotten kannon saboot mangti hai
Moiz : u are the live gawah of it, in this chat itself u went there 3 times
Snehal : ur mistaken dude. I havent gone there at all
Moiz : u have gone there, i m the gawah of it
Snehal : u dint see can u be the gawah
Moiz : ur chat text clearly states that u've gone to bhadak
Snehal : kanoon chashmadeet gawah mangti hai. Ur not one
Moiz : chashma to tujhe lagna chahiye, barabar dikhayi nahi de raha hai tujhe
Snehal : aisa kaun bola
Moiz : aisa main bola, we r not into conference chat
Snehal : who said we r in conference chat
Moiz : to phir aur kaun bolega, main hi bola

and then we got disconnected, we are still looking in the problem, i guess the chat server gave up :)


Blogger HP said...


Always believed that Snehal lived in a dreamland and now the worst fears are confirmed :-)

No wonder WCS is going from bad to worse..

Well, Snehal ..there is a big difference in ogling at girls profiles on Orkut and actually going and talking to a girl..

And forget abt love marriage, I am now doubtful abt ur arranged marriage too :-)


9:00 AM  
Blogger Kurt said...


Good tht u decided to put up this post.
I wonder for how many days did u ppl continue ur "General Talks"??

Sudhar jaa.....
now u can also claim ur L.T.A.

I wonder u didn't mention nething abt parineeta here
Am waiting HP.............

12:21 PM  
Blogger HP said...


I am past her now...
Taking Sanyas from all this. No Twaddi and Saddi for me :-)


9:35 PM  
Blogger Ziom said...

we all r past Twadi and Saadi, no more bachkani harkatein
but the original Twaddi will always remain, even though kurt is bored of it.
wat say kurt???

10:06 PM  
Blogger Ziom said...

Well, this was the Day 1 chat, i guess we lost the Day 2 part of it, Sneh is lookin into it

10:15 PM  
Blogger Ziom said...

ok guys, got rest of the chat too, thnx to Sneh, will post it by day end

10:39 PM  
Blogger Snehal said...

I've sent the rest of the chat.

Sore loser.U just cant accept the fact that me n pari(Dat's wot i lovingly call her) will be together.
Also now ur not committed to nething or neone rite????

the rest of the caht is more f***all
See i u can reach the end of it

10:42 PM  
Blogger Kurt said...

Yeah u r rite.
I had enuf of original twaddi bhabi.
Am on the look out for greener pastures.
Am sure u'll also follow me soon.

Good tht u decided to come out of the Wonderland.
Snehal is still making castles in the air.

11:17 PM  
Blogger HP said...


You can be committed/rollbacked to Pari or whoever you want to be.

Well, I wont stop you from screwing with your life :-)


12:09 AM  
Blogger Abhi said...


waah !! what a way to drag my name in .. :))


Tera kuch nahi hoga ... :))

2:08 AM  
Blogger Ziom said...

Ok, i also quit

now the BALL is in ur court

haan yaar us waqt aur kuch sujh nahi raha tha :D

3:28 AM  
Blogger HP said...

Chat server gave up!!
Phew!! How about the chat server going down and never ever coming up again :-)

Waise, it is pointless chatting with Snehal..He keeps saying the same things again and again..Similar to moving around in circles...


6:24 AM  
Blogger Ziom said...


6:39 AM  
Blogger Snehal said...

@Hp everything moves in circles coz duniya gol hai.(ESPN waala nahin)So whatever goes has to come again.For eg day and night.

9:06 PM  
Blogger HP said...


You start again. We are talking about your arguments.

Duniya gol hain lekin hum nahin.


9:45 PM  
Blogger As If said...

Hmmmm..... I m pretty out of touch with the discussion, still I can well understand w8s going on... he he he.

How true Sneh and Moiz are both their curses are gonna come true, I mean bloody arranged marraiges and as for HP uska to doubt hi hai woh bhi hogi ki nahin.

Guys mujhe gaaliyan de ke koi faayda nahin, ek to main moti chamdi hoon aur doosra is blog par gaaliyan check karne waapas nahin aunga.

10:40 PM  
Blogger As If said...

Well I do understand the reason WCS is bleeding to death.

Wheres matz?? no comments from her

10:40 PM  
Blogger Ziom said...

#As If
i know u have a gurl frnd, so jus stop bragging abt it,
jale pe namak, bloody love marraige :)

11:00 PM  
Blogger HP said...

We are following the true traditions of Indian culture.

And hence, the arranged marriage and all :-)


11:37 PM  
Blogger As If said...

@HP if u miinterpreted my comment on you, I'll make clear. Don't hope you even getting married forget love and arranged :))

Ghar waale bhi sochenge kissi lakdi ki zindagi kyun kharab karen, isliye chodh denge tujhe yun hi kawanra.

12:24 AM  
Blogger HP said...


Yeh Khayaal to mere dil mein pehle se hain...
Lekin kya kar, aaj kal govt ne naya punishment chalu kiya hain..



1:57 AM  
Blogger mattu said...

Grand shud be the entry i believe ;)
so my precious comments this blog it goes
@As If
am back!

Good post, if it's spontaneous chatting then yall win hands least on the first day.

the second day chat as @Kurt put in lemme complete the stars for him was Fuck all.......

stop pulling sneh's okay?......leg of course

lastly bt not the leastly for the very beastly....

Chotte stop dreamin, my personal experience says u weren't even lookin into my eye wen we first started talkin to each other...(as in he was constantly looking at his feet b4 ne1 gets ne ideas!)
So temme whts the master plan on u gettin p@llo or pari? (hate takin full names, guys dont badnaamofy girls like tht.....including their names in ur blogs.....sick bloody)
And ah yes arrange marriage is perfectly fine, i think theres nuthin wrong in tht okay!

11:47 PM  
Blogger mattu said...

sorry for the late realization , dint know u knew about brands n all i mean u know.....
were u serious bout the heart thingy?u mite change ur mind after being lovable!!!!! :P

11:50 PM  
Blogger HP said...


First of all, I did hear the bands playing on your entrance :-)

Nothing wrong in arranged marriage?
Pray, when did we say there is something wrong...We are not even sure of being considered for even that :-)


11:59 PM  
Blogger mattu said...

dude then y the bloody before arrange marriage???
and yeah u have a point, with ur salaries rising and all ur sense of humour, u just mite b considered ;) so wait for tht beautiful shetty in ur life dude :)
keep up the spirit

2:53 AM  
Blogger HP said...


Thanks for the encouraging words..
Bachnaa aye Haseenon, lo main aa gaya :-)


4:02 AM  
Blogger Ziom said...

gurl, that was grand
and about the brand
u know that we form a strand
for every newspaper on the stand

be afraid, be very afraid
HP is coming

5:50 AM  
Blogger HP said...


The Dark Devil has arrived.
Now, no one is safe...



10:02 PM  
Blogger mattu said...

sad poetry, really sad!
sorry abhi plz dont read ziom's sad attempt....i know we'll make headlines in da newspapers.....mebbe in the midnite animals edition of mumbai mirror, if mumbai mirror comes up wid it! (afternoon edition kinds)

i still hate u, forget shetty.......i guess u'll get a shitty!!!!!!
hate ya bloody :(

10:08 PM  
Blogger HP said...

Shitty ho yaa Shetty
Apne kot chhaiye jo hain Pretty
Dil mein hain ek teddy
Jise le uda jaaye ek Tweedy


PS : For the uninformed, Tweedy is a singer from UK belonging to a band 'Girls Aloud'

10:13 PM  
Blogger mattu said...

poor baby, i guess ur orkut snap has taken u back to those dez wen u were a toddler......
n listen up dude am gettin out b4 the ZPIV (ziom's poetry immuno virus) spreads!

10:17 PM  
Blogger HP said...


Ziom is a virus after all...Always had a doubt abt it..Confirmed..Thanks Thanks a lot..


10:26 PM  
Blogger Ziom said...

guess wat i discovered
HCUD (Hari's comment understanding deficiency)

2:03 AM  
Blogger HP said...



Matz made a very good acronym. So, you go and make another one. This will start a chain of acronyms.

But, anyways HCUD is fine :-)


3:44 AM  
Blogger Snehal said...

Hey great poetry dude

U just cant face reality dude.

10:42 PM  
Blogger HP said...



2:03 AM  
Blogger mattu said...

crap, wheres the originaalidy? ;)

I know y u fighting HP :)

thanks am no more angry wid u :)

2:09 AM  
Blogger HP said...


btw, Why is Snehal fighting with me?


2:54 AM  
Blogger Kurt said...

originaalidy is here.
Was not able to access Blogger, coz @ my place it doesn't open.
Tht's y i have moved on to Wordpress.

ZPIV was cool.



Good try @ the poetry, dude.


12:01 AM  
Blogger HP said...

New Post Dude...
New Post


12:20 AM  
Blogger HP said...


9:46 AM  
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