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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Kya Hoga Nimmo, Nemo Aur Mattu Ka


A debt of gratitude to Snehal, HP and everyone from PPP batch for their belief in this project.

To my friend Asif, for his enthusiasm and unflagging effort.

To the legendary Kurt, for convincing me to write blogs.

To Mattu, for her gracious tour through her life.

To Patni Computer Systems for providing me Internet access.

To my Manager who does'nt know anything about it.

Thanks also to Nimmo, Nemo, Veerappan, Mithun Da, Rajnikanth, Manoj Kumar, Rajesh Khanna, Dev Anand, Tushar Kapoor, Harry Potter, Dhoni and Angoor.


After getting a lot of bashing from Mattu (yes, she literally bashed me for everything, from Chucking in Carrom, to playing TT with a Hot babe, even though Mattu did not know how to hit a striker, or how to hold a cue stick, or how to serve a TT ball. Not to forget about the romour she spread about me marrying and having kids with Moi-Sne-Menor), I decided to take revenge, not only for me, but also for my dear friends, Dhoni and Harry Potter. So hear I am, writing my very first blog in cold blood.

Only one question looms: Kya Hoga Nimmo, Nemo Aur Mattu Ka?


References to the life and times of Nimmo and Nemo are entirely factual. They can still be seen today on Star One and DVD's respectively.

Mattu is also Factual.

So hold on your breath and get ready for...

Kya Hoga Nimmo, Nemo Aur Mattu Ka


Somewhere in South India there lived three friends, named Nimmo -daughter of notorious crimal and smuggler of Sandal Wood and Ivory Tusks, yes you guessed it right Veerappan- , Nemo (pronounced Nimoh) -Son of veteran actor Mithun da- , and Mattu -Daughter of another industry veteran Rajnikanth.

The trio were having difficult times in life, their thoughts clashing with their parents, usual stuff.

CH 1- Last day at the Kholliage

Nimmo, Nemo and Mattu had decided to meet at a common place so that they can go together to the farewell party for the class of '04. While on the way to the kholliage (college in south indian accent) they decided to disscuss their future. Mattu said "I am going to become a doctor, but my dad want's me to become a software engineer and defy laws of W3C, just as he defies laws of gravity in his..." Nemo interrupted "Tell me, my dad want's me to be a hammer, a hathoda you see, he is even making a catch phrase for me, it goes something like
'Dikhne mein bevda,
bhaagne mein ghoda,
aur maarne mein hathoda'."
Every one was quiet for a while, then Nemo started again "What about you Nimmo what do you wanna do after studies". Nimmo got exited, no one had asked her thoughts before, everyone knew she was dumb (most dumber from the trio), she said "Me, lemme think....." she never gave an answer, Nemo and Mattu thought this was never going to come and continued their conversation. Nemo said "but Mattu what are you gonna specialize in? you are good at nothing", Mattu frowned, she thought it was true, but said "Can I specialize in saying 'Sick' in different ways?". Nemo and Nimmo were dumbstruck.

As soon as their conversation went on to become weirder they realized they are in front of the gates of Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan Kholliage of Smugling, Acting and Hamming. At the gates Angoor (Mattu's boyfriend) was waithing for them, he waved at them and they waved back. Nimmo and Nemo went on to see other friends and Mattu went to Angoor (Langoor ke moh mein Angoor, Khuda ki kudrat).

At the college (we will call it college hence forth, its hard to pronounce Kholliage so many times), Nimmo, Nemo and Mattu had taken Hamming, Acting and Smugling respectively as their major subjects in final year, completely opposite as their fathers would have desired them to take. Nimmo was very good at Hamming, she had done her project on Manoj Khanna (A mix of Manoj Kumar and Rajesh Khanna). She had impressed the External Examiner Dev Anand by her skills. Nemo was also good at acting (He was duped as the next superstar Nimoh by their HOD Tushar Kapoor (He had also suggested him to change his name to Kemo for good luck)). Mattu was not so good at smuggling (I should say, not even). All she did for her project was to smuggle pirated CD's of Himess Bhai, played them aload in college and got punished for it. Not to forget, she also lip sung the lyrics of the songs (Angoor got impressed of one of the songs and proposed her). Nimmo and Nemo always wondered where did she got those lyrics from.

The Farewell party was as usual, "Boring" with speeches, from the Principal, Peons, Typist Sandra aur pata nahi kiska baccha.

The Lunch time was the best part, they again started their disscussion about their future. They decided that they will go their way, against what their parents had thought for them, but they also knew that they are not gonna get any financial help from their parents for their not so great ideas. So They decided on a Plan to get money to fund their respective purposes in life.

A Plan which is going to get them Doomed.

Dekhte hain kya hota hai Nimmo, Nemo aur Mattu ka......Hum Log.